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23 is the new 22! 3 of the easiest things to start this year right.

I´ve always thought of the end of the year as a door to the future, I know, obviously... but the New Year is a big celebration in my family, probably bigger than Christmas. The best food is served, the fanciest outfits are put on and at one point before midnight my mother-in-law is standing on a chair to ensure that she quite literally puts her best foot forward.

We are so hopeful, so inspired to make everything a little better than it was, and for some reason just a few days into January, we lose that motivation... It´s an odd human peculiarity.

I won’t lament over the past few years or the cost-of-living crisis as we are constantly hearing about it and I want to keep this light and fresh, so here are quite literally three of the simplest things you can do to make your home holistic, fresh and inspiring.

Tidy up the clutter.

The holiday season brings clutter, it´s quite frankly unavoidable... there are decorations, bits of paper and glitter everywhere!! I´m sure that we all have Christmas decorations that are not quite the most sustainable option (i.e., plastic), maybe we bought them years ago or last minute when you moved and *poof* it´s Christmas and you needed to decorate, whatever the reason think about whether you want to keep them.

Marie Kondo your tree, but don´t just throw them in the bin, ask your friends if they´d like them, post them on FB marketplace, wallapop, etc., and you´ll find there´s probably someone who has coveted your style would love them for the next year.

Set a date.

Set a date to remove all of your holiday décor and stick to it, my mum always chose the 7th of January. Since I have lived in Spain I´ve realised that this is entirely impossible as we still have a week of eating and celebrating, so be realistic with your goals.

Live holistically and sustainably.

There is a reason Scandi décor and hygge took off! As an Australian in the northern hemisphere, I struggle! There's no light, it´s absolutely **** freezing and we are stuck inside. Living holistically is not about buying 39 blankets or 53 throw pillows, but it might be about how and where they are placed. If you find that leaving them on the sofa stresses you out because it looks cluttered, a storage ottoman placed nearby might be the answer. Look at a SAD or light therapy lamp for those dark mornings. Your home doesn’t need to be an Instagram post, place the items you love in full view. Simple changes for maximum results.

And you know what, sometimes the end of the year is just downright stressful, and you need some help changing your space.

Click the link below for your 2023 interior design consultation in Madrid or online.

Happy New Year!


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