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About Heathin Designs

Being entirely immersed in the world of interior design, I love nothing more than to guide, advise, educate and create a narrative for my client’s spaces – one that reflects their unique story. Honouring the space as well as its history allows me to design interiors with pure soul. I love creating a perception of space and avoiding stuffy, congested appearances. Knowing when nothing more or less is needed helps me to create aesthetics that manifests warmth and character by adding, adjusting and layering until the space perfectly reflects the place or person. Whether it's residential or commercial, I approach each project with a unique vision, citing positive meaningful experiences.


No style is out of reach. Having designed for clients in Europe, the UK, and across the USA, I have grown to love all-sized projects from small intimate renovations to sizable spacious new developments. The challenge of creating new functionality in an existing home or office is significant, which is why I focus on context, habitability, light, colour and texture, blending a passion for function with style. I always seek not only to discover the beauty in everything but to also help my clients find beauty in things that surround them. With a genuine commitment to protecting and improving the natural environment, I offer valuable information on the use of sustainable materials for projects. Providing a full-service design approach, I thrive off making my clients happy by creating something that is timelessly their own in a smooth, efficient and hands-on process, while keeping it light, fun and creative!

Interested in working together?

Born from a passion and desire to create harmonious, natural and sustainable spaces, Heathin Designs was founded on the belief that timeless design is an effortless blend of comfort, balance and beauty. As a previous corporate flight attendant, I have travelled the world and experienced the diversity that interior design has to offer.


Drawing on inspiration from architecture, landscape palettes, culture and the overall feel of a country has helped me to create visual representations and incorporate them in my designs to enrich spaces. Through the use of this endless inspiration and experience, my goal is to carve a name and signature style within the industry.

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