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Sustainable interior design is the future

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Interior design is a much needed part of our every day life. It provides ambiance, order, aesthetic and function for a variety of spaces from our homes to our work places. While we can delve into the many layers that make up the world of interior designing, we’re focusing on a less talked about topic within the industry, which is how wasteful it can be on the environment and how valuable sustainable practices are moving forward.

Here at Heathin Designs, we're fully aware of the immense power and choices we have when it comes to the sustainable performance of a space. It's an issue that's highly important to us and something we're continuing to educate ourselves on so we can help make a positive difference.

The destructiveness of interior design and the massive effect it can have on nature is becoming more evident. From the number of trees being used every year for furniture to the excessive use of energy within factories to produce said products.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the growing issues and available solutions.

Use of sustainable materials

In an effort to find alternatives for some of the most harmful materials and practices within the industry, our goal is to source recycled materials as well as those that have low energy consumption properties. Recycling resources, materials and waste all help to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

While natural resources often seem like the best options, we mustn’t forget that they require treatment, which is not always a responsible process. Working with materials that are extracted in a sustainable manner or are quickly renewable is our priority.

Energy efficiency is a great start

By creating a world within the sustainable interior design platform that promotes energy-efficiency, it becomes the springboard of what is to come. There is a large use of fossil fuels, electricity, and even oxygen consumption at factories to create furniture and products for spaces. By limiting these energy consuming practices, there is a larger abundance for others to source from well into the future. This is why design is so important, as although it’s true that people want their spaces to look aesthetically pleasing and to function well, it's also important to make a space efficient – something that inevitably starts with interior design. Designing a space that's efficient reduces emissions and utilises renewable energy resources.

Design for waste reduction

As interior designers are often in charge of selecting materials, they have a huge role to play in the reduction of waste produced within the industry. Our precious planet’s resources are limited; therefore, we must get our heads around the hugely wasteful mentality of throwing out furniture and products the moment they're no longer in style. Choosing recycled, upcycled and repurposed furniture is a great way to be creative and give products a whole new lease of life!

With our genuine commitment to protecting and improving the natural environment, when you consult with Heathin Designs, you will not only receive beautiful designs, but also valuable information on the use of sustainable materials for your proposed interior design project. Reach out to us to find out more.

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Oct 26, 2021

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