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Read more about what some of our clients are saying about Heathin Designs.

M. Thomas 

Brighton and Hove. UK

We’d had a few home improvement false starts over the years because we never could quite decide what we
wanted. We were happy enough to change and had the resources and contacts we needed but we lacked a
shared vision and didn’t know how to achieve one. As a result, our living room needed attention for more than
two decades before we finally took the plunge.

I don’t know why it hadn’t previously occurred to us to use a designer – perhaps we assumed we couldn’t
afford one. But whatever the reason, when we were forced to act because of a damp problem we decided to
look into commissioning a proper design for a full makeover. I found Melody on an internet search and was
immediately drawn to her e-design concept – where you can save money by choosing a remote service.

From the initial contact onwards, Melody was a real pleasure to deal with. She listened carefully to our sketchy
ideas, gently prompting us for examples of the colours and styles we like, before coming up with an initial
design idea inspired by a Klimt print that we both love.

Partly because she never actually visited the room in the flesh, we fully expected to go back and forth with
Melody a couple of times before we’d found a design we were happy with but she absolutely nailed it from the
outset. From the colour palette to the lighting and soft furnishings, there wasn’t a single thing we wanted to
change in her first design.

That could have been the end of it – we hadn’t paid for anything beyond the design and one revision – but I
think partly because we’d not needed that revision, Melody stuck with us for the entire build, advising on
suppliers, giving us the benefit of her trade discount, and adapting plans to suit changing circumstances. I
found myself turning to her for advice when we had decisions to make, and she always made herself available
and offered really helpful input. The nicest thing is that Melody seemed to share our excitement as the project
progressed – she was as impatient as we were to see her lovely design become real.

Now the project’s complete and we couldn’t be happier with it. Our living room has been transformed from
something slightly shameful to a source of great pride. We absolutely love showing it off and…well, living in it!

I’m so pleased we chose Melody for this job. She made what could have been a rather fraught process
genuinely exciting and enjoyable. She’s truly excellent at what she does and I’d turn to her again in a heartbeat
for future projects.

Image by Mathilde Langevin
Image by Roman Kraft

D. Reed

Wales, UK

Mel was amazing! I am very indecisive but she was patient and understanding and gave me lots of great ideas to work with! Thank you again

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